Grannys spoon is a sweet and heavenly treat for people who enjoy pure flavors and sustainability.

A family recipe, with artisanal preparation.

tribute to grandmother...

Pure & Artisanal


Fresh and pure ingredients. No additives.                 

Our Meringue glacée is a simple, nostalgic dessert, authentically flavored. Artisanal preparation. You can taste the difference.

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Sweet & Heavenly


Enjoy a refreshing treat while pampering yourself, alone or surrounded by friends.

Discover the endless possibilities of our Meringue glacée and our recipes for coulis and sauce.

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Local & Sustainable


We are opting for a small-scale, artisanal production in Ghent and Antwerp using local ingredients.

We are aiming for sustainability in everything we do: our ingredients, our kitchen, our packaging and transportation.

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Photography Karen Van Winkel, Leverancier van Schoonheid