Granny’s spoon stands for a sustainable vision on entrepreneurship. Besides financial health a company must strive for a positive impact on the environment, people and society.

For our children and grandchildren.

We are continually striving with an open mind for sustainability today and tomorrow, inspired by good old-fashioned customs…

Our ingredients

We use local ingredients, to the extent possible (aside from vanilla and cacao). We do not use additives.

Our kitchen

Our Meringue glacée is prepared in an artisanal fashion and on a small-scale. We can take into consideration any food preferences (lactose intolerance, sugar-free).

Our packaging

Minimalist, but high-quality, taking into consideration shelf-life and transportation. Cardboard box with an FSC-label and eco-friendly ink.

Our transportation

Since we are producing locally, in Ghent and Antwerp, we are aiming for a short-chain. Whenever possible, we will use social employment for packaging and transportation.

Our partners

We are electing to work with partners who share our values. We strive for offering as much social employment as possible.